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Welcome to the best car rental company in Florianópolis!

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Here at Triangulo Luz Rent’a Car you find the best offers on car rental in Florianopolis city. We work hard to guarantee you cars with the best quality and lowest cost and fees.

For your work or vacation ride, we’ll provide the car thats best fit your needs!

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Triângulo Luz offers you the best solutions for car rental in Florianópolis city.

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Minimum requirements

Minimum 24 years old;
Licensed as driver for at least 3 years;
Original and copy from ID card or passporte and a valid Driver License;
Credit Card.

Pre reservation

Your reservation request will be sent to us, please wait for our contact to confirm the reservation.

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Attach copy of driver license

To accelerate the car rental process, please attach your driver license using the form above, or send it to duarte@trianguloluz.com.br.