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Brazil: Communications

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Brazil has extensive fixed and cellular telephone systems which will allow you to call anywhere in the world. Almost all hotels have a telephone in the room where you can make local, intercity, interstate or international calls. However, just as with hotels everywhere else, you’ll pay a premium for calls made from your room.

Orelhões (literally big ears because they look like that) or public telephones are almost everywhere in Brazil and can be used to make local, intercity, interstate and international calls. They all use telephone cards which are widely available at many retail merchants and can be purchased in various denominations. Calls made to cellular phones are more expensive than those made to fixed phones. Intercity and interstate long distance calls are considerably less expensive on Sundays, so you may want to wait until then to make them. Some cellular phone companies in both North America and Europe offer worldwide service, including Brazil. Check with your cellular phone company before traveling.

Toll free 800 numbers used in North America and elsewhere are not free when calling from Brazil. You’ll be charged at the same rate as if you called any other international number in the same country. If your credit card offers such, get international collect call numbers before you leave home.

Internet service is readily available in Brazil. Many hotels include (or offer for an additional fee) high speed Internet access, if not in the room or wireless, then at least somewhere in the hotel. Additionally, most larger Brazilian cities have Cyber Cafés offering inexpensive, high speed Internet access on their computers or yours.

The Brazilian Correios (postal service) is very efficient. You can expect a typical airmail postcard or letter to take about ten days to two weeks for delivery to most locales in North America and Europe. For faster delivery, Sedex service is available (for either letters or packages) with a typical delivery time of between five to seven days to most major cities in North America and Europe.

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