Here you will find important tips and news about Florianópolis.

28May, 2017

City Taxis, Buses & Subways

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Local taxis are available in most Brazilian cities of any size and most all are metered. Just make sure you always use a legitimate taxi. This is pretty easy if you have your hotel or restaurant hail or call a taxi for you (they know), only use taxis that are lined up at a ponto de taxi (taxi stand) or call a radio taxi service. Taxis from the international airports in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to various locations in the city are usually contracted on the basis of […]

3Mar, 2017

Car Travel

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Traveling by car is recommended if you meet the following criteria: you’re not pressed for time, you enjoy driving even in places you do not know well, and you do not want to be limited by airline or bus schedules. Traveling by car is, especially if you avoid driving at night, reasonably safe in most areas and is a wonderful way to see the country and access lesser-known areas. Driving can be chaotic in cities like São Paulo, but much easier in cities like Curitiba and Brasília. In the countryside […]

1Mar, 2017

Driving Tips in Brazil

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Driving in Brazil varies from other countries so make sure that you know some road rules if you are planning on driving there. Sixt has provided a guide to help our customers out and provide you all with some useful driving tips. Rules & Regulations Please make sure that you read our guide to driving in Brazil before you start your road trip. Drive on the right hand side and over take on the left. Drink driving is illegal in Brazil as the blood alcohol content allowed is zero. Use […]