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Florianópolis A favorite

By: | Tags: , , | Comments: 0 | March 25th, 2017

In recent times no city has moved as strongly in the national imagination as Florianópolis.

The combination of the cabalistic “42 beaches” with the magical expression “quality of life” makes Floripa a desired destination both for holidays and for living. Motorways, tunnels and viaducts have been built to accommodate the growth of the city, which continues to attract migrants of high schooling and purchasing power.

It is an exemplary city in the accommodation of differences: it has learned to receive the Argentine brothers, it coexists with a babel of accents of the own residents and it is friendly to the LGBT public (that comes in mass in the summer and the carnival). Pride, however, has never been so high: Floripa already knows its value.

The transformation of the sleepy capital of yesteryear into today’s modern metropolis has not affected the diversity of the island. Azorean villages, fishermen’s colonies, wild beaches and preserved forests continue where they have always been, just a few minutes from the city center – or many minutes from the city center, if you come in the most frenetic summer holidays.

Choose Florianópolis for all that the city has, but take into account what the city does not have. You will not find in Floripa a boardwalk on the beach with bar queues, as in other coastal capitals. It’s a city lacking in cultural attractions – if it’s not beachfront or it’s too cold for nature activities, you’ll end up taking refuge in restaurants or shopping malls. And if you come with children and Beto Carrero World is on your schedule, go for me: consider at least one or two nights in Balneário Camboriú.

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