Here you will find important tips and news about Florianópolis.

10Apr, 2017

Would you like to rent a car in Florianopolis – Brazil?

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When preparing the trip, the doubt may arise: is it a good idea to rent a car in the city of Florianopolis in Brazil? It is important to take into account that traffic is not dangerous for Floripa, but it is advisable to have some experience in driving since the routes are flat, there are hills and climbs, descents, and Curvy, and people here drive fast. The best part is that when renting your car, you can travel the many beaches, go out at night for all nightlife attractions. The […]

7Apr, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about Florianópolis Brazil

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We have gathered below the most common doubts about Floripa, bringing tips and information to facilitate your research:   What is the best time to visit Florianópolis?   You can visit Florianopolis at any time of the year. In summer (Dec-Feb), when temperatures reach 40ºC, Florianópolis becomes the ideal environment for water sports, hiking, sandboarding, mountain-bike and others. In the autumn (Mar-Mai) the milder temperatures and the smaller movement of tourists make the island the perfect place for those who seek peace and a more intimate atmosphere. The winter brings […]

25Mar, 2017

Florianópolis A favorite

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In recent times no city has moved as strongly in the national imagination as Florianópolis. The combination of the cabalistic “42 beaches” with the magical expression “quality of life” makes Floripa a desired destination both for holidays and for living. Motorways, tunnels and viaducts have been built to accommodate the growth of the city, which continues to attract migrants of high schooling and purchasing power. It is an exemplary city in the accommodation of differences: it has learned to receive the Argentine brothers, it coexists with a babel of accents […]

22Mar, 2017

FAQ about Florianopolis

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1. Where in Brazil is Florianopolis? What is the easiest way to get there? Floripa, as the island is popular called by locals, is in southern of Brazil. It is linked to the continent by 3 bridges in the central portion of the island. It is 700 km from São Paulo, which means 7 hours drive, or 1 hour flight. There are about 10 flights a day from Sao Paulo to Floripa, and about 5 flights a day from Rio de Janeiro to Floripa. The flight from Rio takes about […]

6Mar, 2017

Florianopolis: Getting Around

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By Bus There is a public bus system in Florianopolis, but it is not the most intuitive or easiest bus system to use. The system is set up as a series of nine hubs, one hub per major neighborhood in Florianopolis. To travel between neighborhoods means that you must go through the hubs of both the neighborhood you are traveling from and the neighborhood you are traveling to, and then take the bus from the hub to your destination. If you know Portuguese, you can look at bus schedules at […]