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We have gathered below the most common doubts about Floripa, bringing tips and information to facilitate your research:
What is the best time to visit Florianópolis?
You can visit Florianopolis at any time of the year. In summer (Dec-Feb), when temperatures reach 40ºC, Florianópolis becomes the ideal environment for water sports, hiking, sandboarding, mountain-bike and others. In the autumn (Mar-Mai) the milder temperatures and the smaller movement of tourists make the island the perfect place for those who seek peace and a more intimate atmosphere. The winter brings with the lower temperatures an even more romantic atmosphere and highlights the aromas and flavors of the local gastronomy. In the spring (Sep-Nov) the temperature rise is an invitation to return to the beaches and activities linked to nature.
What is the weather like in Florianópolis?
The climate is humid mesothermic with significant precipitation and well distributed throughout the year. There is no dry season. The highest precipitations occur from January to March and the lowest values ​​occur from June to August.
The average temperature varies between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius. The average maximum temperature of the hottest month ranges from 28 to 31 degrees and the average of the coldest month minimums varies from 7.5 to 12 degrees. The relative humidity of the air has an annual average of 82% and the annual rainfall index is around 1,200mm.
Can I use my credit card in Florianópolis?
VISA, Credicard / MasterCard, Diners and AMEX cards are accepted in almost all commercial establishments. In addition, at several bank branches you can use these cards to withdraw money at ATMs.
Is it safe to drink tap water in Florianópolis?
It is advisable to filter or boil tap water before ingesting. It is best to take mineral water.
What is the voltage of electric power in Florianópolis?
Electricity is provided in the municipality at 220 volts (60 hertz), however most hotels also have 110 volt sockets in the bathrooms.
Which car rental companies are there in Florianópolis?
In addition to the major car rental companies (Avis, Hertz, Localiza, Movida and Unidas), Florianópolis has a number of small car rental companies in the city.
What is the best time to do trails in Florianópolis?
The trails are well frequented throughout the year, since the climate and the geographical characteristics allow it. In summer the intense heat and the idea of ​​cooling in a waterfall become great attractions for the walkers. Another good period for the practice of this activity is from September as the temperature starts to rise and there is not a great precipitation.
Would it be better for me to do self-guided trails or should I hire a guide?
Florianópolis has more than 80km of paths and trails, but few have adequate signage. Therefore, to increase the satisfaction of those who will venture on the trails it is advisable to hire the service of specialized guides that will make your tour much more enjoyable.
What types of accommodations are available in Florianópolis?
Florianópolis offers a wide variety of accommodations, from high-end hotels and resorts to budget hotels, family inns, campgrounds, hostels or rental houses and apartments that are also a good option for tourists who do not require services Professionals.
Is it necessary to book a hotel in advance?
It is advisable to book early especially during the summer season, when the city is crowded and prices go to heights.
What are the national and international hotel chains that are in Florianópolis?
International: Accor (Ibis and Parthenon)
Nationals: Blue Tree, Intercity, Slaviero Hotels.
Is Florianopolis an island?
Not at all. Florianópolis is a municipality that has part of its territorial extension located in the continental area and another part located in the Island of Santa Catarina.
What kind of night life is in Florianópolis?
The nightlife in Florianópolis is quite intense and very varied. The bars are a perfect environment for those who like to enjoy a good drink made with the artisan cachaças of the region and still make friends with people from different parts of Brazil and tourists from other parts of the world. Nightclubs attract those in love with electronic sound, hip-hop, forró, university sertaneja and literally “bomb” at any time of the year.
What activities are available for children?
The parks of Florianópolis are an invitation for leisure near nature. Guided or self-guided trails are an excellent opportunity for children to enjoy nature. Horseback riding, biking, snorkelling or underwater diving, sandboarding are just some of the activities available for children.
In addition to activities related to nature, children can enjoy water parks, amusement parks, and various museums with diversified themes that can enchant the children (Prehistoric Archeology, Wrecks and etc.).
When do school holidays take place in Florianópolis?
School holidays throughout Brazil take place at the end of the year (December-February) and also in July. In those times the tourist places register an intense movement of tourists.
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